Your healthcare data is valuable

Earn Rewards With Your Personal AI Health Companion

Earn Rewards With Your Personal AI Health Companion

From nutrition to mental health, get 100% personalized support

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Own Your Health


Earn Rewards

You can earn $JCO utility tokens by simply using the app, participating in studies, leasing your data and health outcomes from a genetics report anonymously, testing a product, and more.


Health Insights

Explore your personalized health plan and gain valuable insights to enhance your overall well-being. Receive tailored recommendations for workouts, nutrition, and treatments that are best suited for you.


Privacy & Security

Your data is always under your control. Our cutting-edge web 3.0 blockchain technology fully complies with HIPAA regulations, ensuring that your private information is shielded and secure.



Join a community of like-minded people from around the world who share your interests. You can motivate each other, hold each other accountable, share your experiences, and discuss the tactics that have worked for you.


Personalised Products

You can receive customized suggestions for health and wellness products by sharing your data anonymously. These suggestions cover a wide range of items, including supplements, skin care, and shampoo.

How JennyCo Works

Secure. Compliant. Personalized.


JennyCo AI Processes Your Data.
After granting authorization, your data is processed by the secure JennyCo AI. Our platform complies with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, ensuring that your information always remains safe.



Add your health data.
Your wearable device data, genetic information, hormone levels, vitamin levels, and other test results, along with your answers to daily questions, are stored safely and securely.


JennyCo AI Processes Your Data.
After granting authorization, your data is processed by the secure JennyCo AI. Our platform complies with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, ensuring that your information always remains safe.


Receive Personalized Insights.
You have the opportunity to earn rewards by leasing your valuable data. In return, you will receive personalized health and food recommendations.

How To Get Started
In 3 Simple Steps


Join the early bird list

Signing up is quick and easy. It's also free.

To get started with JennyCo, you can either download the app from the iOS app store or use the web-based version. (Android coming soon).

Upload your data

Secure and private.

Conveniently and securely upload your health data, including at-home tests, activity tracking, sleep patterns, nutrition, and other relevant information, to receive a comprehensive analysis of your overall health status.


Get Personalized Insights and Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for your health info.

Maximize your health potential with personalized health reports, expert recommendations, and practical resources. Plus, you'll earn rewards for sharing your data, making your wellness journey even more fulfilling.

The Lifeline

Create a personal timeline named "Lifeline" to record important events in your life. Your Lifeline begins with health-related incidents and can be continuously updated with new ones. This timeline can offer a clear and detailed overview of your health history as time goes by. Keeping track of appointments, prescriptions, lab tests, procedures, diagnoses, in-patient care, and other significant life events is made easy with Lifeline.

Actionable Insights Based On Your Data

"Aging research now shows that less than 10% of your age is determined by your genetics, which is pre-set at birth. Therefore, more than 90% of your age is due to lifestyle and environment.” 

- Michael Nova, MD, JennyCo Co-founder & CEO

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The Data Hub

Safely and anonymously store all your health data, including DNA, vitamin, hormone test results, and answers to daily questions, and connect your wearable devices. You have complete control over your data, and it only moves with your permission. You are free to delete your data anytime you wish.

Blockchain Technology + HIPAA Compliant

Not only are we secured with blockchain technology and an AI ‘patrol,’ but we have the added layer of HIPAA compliance on top of it. With all of this, It will be virtually impossible for anyone’s data to be hacked.” 

- Jenny Diggles, Co-founder

Meet Our Team

Medical doctors. Genetic scientists. AI specialists. Web 3.0 experts.


Michael Nova

JennyCo Co-Founder Board Member CEO

Linden Leadbetter

Linden Leadbetter

Head of Token Economics


Steve Carter

Chief Scientific Officer Healthcare


Jenny Diggles

JennyCo Co-Founder Board Member

Owning Your Health Data in Web3 & Sharing with Researchers

In this episode, VibeCast host Ray Dogum speaks with JennyCo Founders Jenny Diggles and Michael Nova about owning your own health data in Web3 & privacy preserving technology.

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We've Got You Covered!

How do I get my data into the app?

You can upload data to the app through file uploads, such as DNA tests and documents. Additionally, you can provide data through questionnaires or lifeline entries directly from yourself. There is also the option to link and upload data through integration and/or API, which may become more prevalent in the future.

Can I connect to other health apps like Apple Health?

Currently, only Apple Health on iOS is compatible. However, there are plans to integrate other health applications in the future.

How do I get personal health reports?

This feature is in the development pipeline. However, once it becomes accessible, users will be prompted to access their health reports through their dashboard. Additionally, reports can be accessed through the Data Vault.

How do I earn rewards?

To earn rewards, users can upload data, respond to questions, and engage in various activities within the app.

How do I join a study?

To access the available data pools (studies), the user needs to go to the Data Pools page. The pools may have different eligibility requirements, so the user should check the pool details to see if they qualify. If eligible, the user can choose to join the pool and stake the required amount of JCO.

When will the app be available on Android?

Android device users can easily access the app through their device's browser. Rest assured, we will soon be releasing an Android app for an even more seamless experience.

Start Earning
Rewards Now 💰


Start Earning
Rewards Now 💰

Discover a truly personalized approach to taking care of your health with the JennyCo app. You'll be able to track your progress, set goals, and get tailored recommendations that are designed just for you. Plus, when you sign up, you'll have the opportunity to earn rewards for your healthy habits. Download the JennyCo app today and start experiencing a whole new level of wellness.