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Healthcare data could help more people make better choices.

Find out more about the first Healthcare Data Exchange powered by Web3.

Your healthcare data is valuable.

Recent studies show that an individual's health record, including insights generated with genomic, phenotypic, and IoT data, is worth anywhere from $1500 to $5000.

Did you know?

  • On a daily basis, 1/3 of all the world’s generated data (~400 exabytes) is healthcare-related.
  • Insurance companies have estimated that ALL healthcare outcomes are 40% generated by genetics, and 60% by lifestyle (nutrition, smoking, exercise, etc.)

Who currently benefits from your healthcare data?

You don't. Large institutions do. Insurance companies, clinics and hospitals know the value of healthcare data and the outcomes. They sell it to companies like pharma and consumer product companies to gain insights for the development of their own personalized products.


The JennyCo Solution

We enable YOU to participate in the Healthcare Data Marketplace.
We empower people and businesses.



JennyCo is a Healthcare Information (HCI) HIPAA - compliant Exchange and DAO (USPTO Patent Pending) designed to work securely with all of your healthcare information, including genomics.

JennyCo is focused on correcting the imbalances in the healthcare data marketplace by supporting individual ownership of healthcare information with direct compensation. 

JennyCo also empowers individuals to decide who can and cannot access their data and which paid studies they would like to participate in. JennyCo is at the intersection of Healthcare and IoT Data, AI, and Blockchain.

In additon, JennyCo analyzes the data you provide to supply you with specific personalized recommendations within the app.

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Our unique approach -
crypto included,
AI supported


Users can upload their data in exchange for personalized health and wellness product recommendations from skincare to cannabis synergies.

People -

For the first time ever, users can control their own health data to store, delete or lease it to businesses wishing to analyze it.


Users will receive cryptocurrency payments for participating in studies and sharing their data and health outcomes from trying a particular drug or product.


Users can obtain valuable insights into ways to improve their health, including genetically personalized diet plans, best prescribed pharmaceuticals, and much more.